Satellite Internet and Communications Service Provider

SpeedCast is a leading global network solutions provider, enabling critical communications
on land and at sea. Providing high-quality managed network services in over 60 countries, SpeedCast delivers unparalleled capabilities for satellite services to meet both corporate and carrier requirements.
With 16 international points of presence and 30 teleport operations, SpeedCast is your local partner
wherever you are.

SpeedCast leverages the latest satellite technologies for the provisioning of reliable and efficient 

network services to key industries such as Cellular, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Mining, Government and more…

SpeedCast is pleased to announce new additional coverage for it’s Global Ku-band Broadband Network to address a broader base of end customers. The new coverage includes greater coverage in the Oceania / Australasia regions, as well as enhanced coverage across the Pacific Ocean region and over North America.
Ku-Band Broadband Antina
SeaCast SIGMA is the latest offering from SpeedCast’s portfolio of Maritime Communication products, marketing under the brand name SeaCast. SeaCast SIGMA represents the sum of all parts, since these comprehensive packages include everything that maritime customers need in one convenient service at a fixed monthly fee. The packages include unlimited broadband VSAT connectivity, back-up L-band service, in addition to all required equipment, and value added services. SeaCast SIGMA is designed to meet the needs of today’s maritime applications, whether it be for crew welfare, operations or regulatory reasons.

24 June 2015
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04 June 2015
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12 May 2015
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01 May 2015
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22 April 2015
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